Master Plans

The City adopts Master Plans to cover more specific detail on a particular aspect of city government than is appropriate in the Comprehensive Plan.  These Master Plans are updated on a regular basis and include a detailed analysis of existing conditions and recommendations for improvements, including a capital improvements plan. 

Master plans have been adopted for each of the utility services that the City provides as well as for transportation systems, parks and recreation, and city facilities. 

Links to each master plan are provided below. 

*Note: These are large files and may take time to download.  It is possible that it will be quicker to right click on the icon and "save target as."
  • The City of Stayton is in the progress of developing a new Stayton Facilities Master Plan. 

    Below you can view the current Facilities Master Plan which was adopted by the City Council in 2007.  It provides a framework for the need for city facilities such as office space for the coming years.

  • The Parks and Recreation Master Plan was adopted in March 2005 by the City Council after an extensive public process to identify the needs of the community in the future and how best to meet those needs.  The Parks and Recreation Master is presented below in two parts.  Click each icon to download and review the Plan. 
  • The City of Stayton Storm Water Master Plan was adopted in 2009. It was drafted to comply with Oregon's Total Maximum Daily Load requirements for the Willamette River and its tributaries and in anticipation of future imposition of federal stormwater quality standards under Clean Water Act.  Adoption and implementation of the master plan will result in decreased peak discharges into the Salem Ditch and Stayton Power Canal and reduced contamination in the City's storm water.

    The master plan may be reviewed by clicking on the icons below.  
  • The Transportation Master Plan was adopted by the City Council in 2019.  It contains a complete inventory of the existing transportation systems in the City and surrounding area, an analysis of future demand and recommendations for improvements to meet future needs.  The TSP is presented in two volumes.   Volume I is the Plan itself.  Volume II includes the Technical Memorandum and the detailed data such as traffic counts, turning movements at intersections, crash data on which the Volume I is based.  The Plan may be downloaded by clicking on the icons below.
  • The Wastewater Master Plan was adopted by the City Council in January 2021.  The Master Plan contains a thorough examination of the existing wastewater collection and treatment system and an analysis of the needed improvements in order to provide service as the city grows.  The Master Plan is presented below along with the eight appendices.
  • The Water Master Plan was adopted by the City Council in April, 2006.  The Master Plan consists of a complete analysis of the existing treatment and distribution system with recommendations for improvements to assure that the system will be able to meet the needs of a growing city.

    Portions of the Master Plan are available by clicking on the icons below.  Many of the appendices, because of their size are not posted here, but can be reviewed in the Planning Department office.