Economic Development Strategy and Action Plan

In July 2019, the Stayton City Council adopted an Economic Development Strategy and Action Plan. The City hired Bridge Economic Development and Mackenzie to evaluate opportunities for employment growth and identify steps to remove barriers to foster private investment within the industrial park.

As part of the evaluation process, the consultant team met with community stakeholders in January and presented preliminary findings to the City Council. The consultant team also looked at the demographics, educational attainment and employment of Stayton residents, comparing Stayton with a number of comparable cities in Oregon and elsewhere in the country. An analysis was conducted of the utility and infrastructure needs of the industrial area and analyzed the City's utility rate structure in comparison to other Mid-Willamette Valley cities.

The City conducted an online survey asking participants about their priorities for industrial and commercial development.  The survey was completed by 70 respondents. The survey results are included in the Technical Analysis at the bottom of this page.

The complete plan, a matrix of the recommended actions, and the technical analysis are included below.

If you have any questions, please contact Community & Economic Development Director Jennifer Siciliano via email or phone at (503) 769-2998.