Current Stayton Projects

             Ida St. Paving Improvement Project        This is a first step to improving Stayton streets. We understand this may cause inconveniences. We will be working closely with businesses and residents as the project progresses.

    The construction will be on E. Ida Street between N. 1st Avenue to N. 4th Avenue and will begin the first week of June 2024 and completed by the end of August 2024.

    We understand that residents day-to-day may be affected by construction. This may include:

    • Limited Parking
    • Limited Walkways
    • Limited Thru Streets

    That is why we are taking steps to connect with those that may be affected with:

    • Open communications
    • Up-to-date information

    Please check below to find updates, documents, and news regarding this project. You can send a comment or sign up to receive updates by email in the section below.

    For questions about the project, please contact Public Works Department at (503) 769-2919. 

    Project Updates
    Ida St. Improvement Project | Update as of June 16

    Ida Street Construction begins June 3rd

    Pacific Excavation will be performing construction along Ida Street starting at 1st Avenue and working along Ida Street to 4th Avenue, beginning the first week of June and is anticipated to be completed in 2 months. The Ida Street Improvement Project will be completed in phases, with traffic being impacted only on one block at a time until final paving.


    Traffic impacts will typically be limited to 2-3 business days per block, which may impact parking and thru traffic for those areas during working hours (7:00 AM to 6:00 PM). Local access will be maintained at all times for businesses and property owners, though there may be delays. As a reminder, there is a free public parking lot available on the corner of Florence Street and 2nd Avenue and by the Stayton Court House. Please be cautious of the construction crew and equipment when driving near the construction zone.


    Also, make sure to support your local businesses that may be affected by construction and respect private parking lots owned by other businesses near the construction zone.


    For additional information, contact Ian Kintz Stormo at (503) 769–2919 and stay up to date by visiting our Projects Page at for updates.


    Ida St. Improvement construction will begin the first week of June

    The Ida Street Pavement & Waterline Improvement Project is scheduled to begin the first week of June. The contractor will have multiple crews working in different areas, starting with the waterline and storm system improvements. Traffic control plans will be reviewed and approved by Public Works employees to help limit the impact on businesses and residences.


    The contractor will post notices a minimum of 48-hours prior to water shutdowns or street closures. Local traffic access will be maintained throughout the project except for final paving scheduled mid-late July.


    For additional questions, please contact Stayton Public Works at (503) 768-2919.

    Resolution No. 1099 - Award Contract for Ida Street Improvement Project
    On April 15th, 2024 the Stayton City Council awarded the construction contract.  Construction has been scheduled to begin in the first week of June 2024. Construction zones and times will be provided at a later date.

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      Do you have a comment or question about Ida Street Improvement Project? Please send us your comments and questions here.

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             Ida St. Sanitary Sewer Replacement        The Ida St. Sanitary Sewer Replacement improve the wastewater infrastructure on West Ida St. to provide support and upgrades to growing needs in the area.

    Project Updates
    Progress Report - July 1st
    The contractor, Saunders Company, has installed 112 feet of new sanitary sewer pipe over the week of June 24th to the 28th.  It is expected that the amount of pipe installed will increase as the installation technique for the soil conditions is refined.  The contractor will be working Monday to Wednesday this week.  There will not be any construction during the 4th of July holiday and weekend.

    W Ida St. Sanitary - Evergreen Ave. & Salem Ditch

    The contractor who will be constructing the W Ida St. Sanitary Sewer Replacement, Phase 2 project, will be working on Ida Street starting next week on Tuesday the 18th.  They will be potholing for utility conflicts in preparation for the installation of the new sewer pipe from near 1207 W Ida to Evergreen Ave. and then north on Evergreen Ave. to the Salem Ditch.  They will be using flaggers while performing this work; delays will be experienced.  The contractor estimates they will be done by the end of the week on Friday.


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  • Comcast will be installing new infrastructure throughout Stayton.

    Comcast has entered into a Franchise Utility Agreement with the City to install a new infrastructure throughout Stayton. The work is scheduled to begin in March 2024 and is anticipated to be completed by Fall/Winter 2024.

    Comcast will post signs, mark areas, and place door hangers notifying residents of upcoming construction in their neighborhood. Public Works will be meeting with local Comcast contractors on a regular basis to review construction plans and verify they are operating within the Oregon State Utility Notification Standards. To learn more about Oregon's Utility Notification Center and other applicable standards, please refer to the Oregon Utility Notification Center and the Updated Standards Manual.

    To learn more about Comcast's development in Oregon, please visit here:

    If you have question about Comcast's construction in Stayton, please contact Fisk Communication at (360) 314-4454 or or Comcast Cable at (971) 777-0933 or at

    If you have any additional questions, please contact Public Works at 503-769-2919.

    Comcast Construction Updates

    Comcast Update 4/18/24

    Comcast will request utility locates and will be placing signs in the neighborhood they will be working. The signs will be placed about 2 weeks prior to construction in that area.


    Comcast will provide door hanger notifications at least 48-hours before beginning work in the next neighborhood.


    Some of the work will be performed in easements on private property. The contractor will be required to restore landscaped areas affected by construction.


    If you have any issues please contact Fisk Communication at (360) 314-4454 or or Comcast Cable at (971) 777-0933 or at


    If you have any additional questions, please contact Public Works at 503-769-2919.

    Comcast will be sending out advance notification of construction in Stayton with doorhangers and signboards. Examples have been provided below.

    Areas that have received notices may see contractors marking the area near the street with temporary spray paint and flags in preparation for construction in March. Contractors may also mark the area of the Public Utility Easement which may be parallel to or on private property.

    Below is a map of the estimated construction timeline.

    *NOTE: Map is subject to change and updates.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Public Utility Easement (PUE)?

    Public Utility Easement (PUE) is a portion of land on private property that is dedicated to give utility companies the access to install and maintain infrastructure.

    "What is a Franchise Agreement?"

    A franchise agreement is a contract that grants a franchise to operate on public and private property within a City under certain fees, rights, and rulings. As a provider of cable television service, Comcast is heavily regulated by federal, state, and local law. Primarily, under federal law, Comcast was required to obtain a franchise agreement with the City for use and operation of infrastructure within the City’s rights-of-way.

    "Why did the City sign a franchise agreement with Comcast?"

    While the City has some authority to regulate Comcast through this franchise agreement, the federal Cable Act and Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulations limit the City’s ability to regulate all aspects of Comcast’s service.  For example, the City is prohibited from unreasonably refusing to award a franchise to a franchise applicant. Given this strict federal regulatory context, this past year, the City negotiated a new franchise agreement with Comcast, establishing various terms and obligations regarding Comcast’s use and operation of its cable system within the City’s rights-of-way.

    "I have a question about construction or contractors in my area, who should I contact?"

    If you have questions or concerns about Comcast’s construction in Stayton, please reach out to Fisk Communication at (360) 314-4454 or

    To learn more Comcast FAQs, please visit here.

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Upcoming Stayton Projects

  • The Mill Creek Park Project is a proposal started in 2019. The project will introduce new activities and elements for the community. Some examples include environmental improvements such as a fish mitigation passage and regional water facility. New structures and facilities like an observation tower, covered areas, and concessions stands. In addition, there will be new areas dedicated to recreational sports, gardening, and community-led events.

    The Mill Creek Park Master Plan below features two potential park layout and a detailed list of planned elements for each.

    We will continue to provide information about the project. Please stay tuned for further updates.

    Master Plan

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