Homelessness Information & Resources

  • The Task Force finished its work in October 2023. The Homeless Task Force was formed to:

    • Evaluate existing homeless conditions
    • Identify and evaluate options for addressing homelessness in the community which includes at minimum, the following:

      • Review of existing rules and regulations to ensure it is in line with HB 3115/ORS 195.530
      • Determination of whether to develop locational and exclusion standards for certain times or certain places within the community for people to sleep, sit, or lay down
      • Recommendations and considerations of community specific resources and actions to support people who are homeless to obtain shelter and housing

    View the meetings at the link below:

    Council Revises Rules Related to Camping
    On October 16, 2023, the Council adopted revised rules for overnight camping. Click here to view adopted Ordinance No. 1065

    Survey on Overnight Camping Ordinance

    We have prepared a survey for the Overnight Camping Ordinance in Stayton:

    Survey is now closed.

    The survey will close September 28th, 2023.

    Share your thoughts, we want to hear from you!


    Council Adopts Revised Camping Ordinance

    At their Monday, July 17th meeting, the Council adopted amendments to the City's camping provisions to:


    • Prohibit camping in, and on, all City facilities (which includes rights-of-ways, sidewalks, and City buildings)
    • Prohibit camping in all developed parks (all City parks listed as developed parks)
    • Where camping is allowed, no person shall camp between the hours of 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. 


    The Homeless Task Force and City Council will continue to meet, receive public input, and refine the language as needed over the coming months. 


    The revised ordinance becomes effective 30 days after adoption.


    Ordinance 1063 Amending Municipal Code Chapter 8.12 and Repealing Chapter 2.64 to Comply with ORS 195.505 and 195.530.pdf

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