Comprehensive Plan

What is a Comprehensive Plan?
A Comprehensive Plan is a City’s primary statement of public policy regarding land use, economic development, natural resources, and social well-being. It provides a yardstick to the community to evaluate the options that will allow it to achieve its goals and objectives. It also forms the basis for developing land use regulations and making land use and development decisions. It recommends certain steps that will allow the City to mobilize resources and groups of people to develop the town according to the stated goals and values.

The purpose of this document is to establish a guide for the growth and development of the Stayton community.  The goals of Stayton's Comprehensive Plan address: Physical Development, Commercial Development, Industrial Development, Housing, Transportation, Public Facilities and Services, Energy Conservation, Natural Resources, and the City's Urban Growth boundary.

Why should our Community maintain an up to date Comprehensive Plan?
A Comprehensive Plan must be kept up-to-date in order to assure that is based on recent information and trends and that it reflects the changing aspirations of the residents of the City.  Updating the Comprehensive Plan will
  • provide an opportunity to talk about how present actions will affect future generations of city residents.
  • help build a stronger community by inviting new participants into the work of local government.
Successful plans are almost always a cooperative effort among different groups working to improve their community.

A comprehensive plan is also comprised of various master plans for specific purposes (transportation, water, etc.) and by specific plans for a portion of the community (downtown or industrial development).

The Stayton Comprehensive Plan was drafted in the late 1970s and "acknowledged" by the Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development in 1980.  An updated and revised Comprehensive Plan was adopted in March 2013.  Chapter 4 of the Comprehensive Plan was amended in July 2019, with the adoption of the 2019 Transportation System Plan.  Chapter 5 of the Comprehensive Plan was amended in January 2021 with the adoption of the 2021 Wastewater Facilities Planning Study.  The Comprehensive Plan Map was most recently amended effective August 2020.

You may view the current Comprehensive Plan Map, the 2021 Stayton Comprehensive Plan, and the 2010 Update to the Downtown Transportation and Revitalization Plan by selecting the corresponding link at the bottom of this page.