Stayton Parks and Recreation

The City of Stayton owns and maintains pedestrian trails, mini-parks, neighborhood parks, community parks, and natural open spaces. 

The City maintains 12.7 acres of neighborhood parks, 7.65 acres of community parks, and 106 acres of open space parks.  The City's parks system is highly valued by residents and visitors because they help make Stayton a livable community.

Stayton City Parks
  • The Community Center Park covers an area of 5.6 acres and features a playground, walking trails, picnic tables and sports facilities such as a tennis and pickleball courts, and other sport courts. Situated in the same complex as the Stayton Family Memorial Pool, Stayton Public Library, and Stayton Community Center.
  • The mission of the Community Garden is to provide interested Stayton residents access to property for the sole purpose of gardening. As such, patrons agree to grow vegetables, fruits, or flowers only. The Community Garden is located on N. Evergreen Avenue, south of the Salem Ditch.

    Prior to May 24th, a household may reserve one plot. If there are remaining plots available after May 24th, households may apply for an additional plot. The garden will be opened for planting no later than Memorial Day weekend.

    The City is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

    Those who reside outside of Stayton who are interested in applying for a garden plot should contact Stayton Public Works after Memorial Day to reserve a plot if any are available.

    Thank you to our partners!

  • The Henry A. Porter Community Dog Park is located at the corner of N. Fourth Avenue and E. Florence Street in downtown Stayton.

    The park includes two fenced areas - one for small dogs and one for large dogs, a doggy water fountain, benches, and a picnic table.

  • In 2017, the City purchased 23 acres of land for park development as recommended in the 2004 Parks and Recreation Master Plan.

    The property has become known as Mill Creek Park due to Mill Creek running diagonally through the north 1/3 of the property.

    In 2018, the City hired AKS Engineering and Forestry to prepare a Park Master Plan for the property. Community involvement consisted of several meetings with Stayton residents to select the features and amenities for Stayton’s newest park. Three alternative plans were developed and were placed in the Stayton Community Library for a month to gather additional feedback. AKS compiled all the information and finalized the Mill Creek Park Master Plan.

  • Northslope Park is located in the northeast portion of Stayton. The access point is through the United Methodist Church parking lot on Fern Ridge Road.

    This park features a playground, half-court basketball, and picnic tables. 

  • Pioneer Park features walking trails, the Jordan Bridge, playground, and covered picnic areas. 
  • Quail Run Park is located on the west side of Stayton in the Quail Run subdivision. 

    This park's facilities include half-court basketball, playground, a backstop for baseball play, benches, and a paved pathway.

  • Stayton's Riverfront Park is an open space park located along the North Santiam River. The site features natural walking trails and scenic views.
  • Santiam Park is located on the edge of the Sylvan Springs neighborhood. 

    This park features a playground, walking paths, and a covered picnic pavillion.

  • Westown Park is located in the Westown neighborhood. This park features play equipment, small open play area, and picnic tables. 
  • Wildlife Meadows Park is located at the north end of Deer Avenue within Wildlife Meadows subdivision. The park offers a green space and a paved trail.