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Water Testing Information

The City of Stayton operates and maintains its own water treatment facility. For more information about our water treatment plant, please visit our Water Department web page. Stayton must adhere to the same testing requirements and water standards as any other city in the state of Oregon. 


A few facts about water standards and cyanotoxins:


  • There are no enforceable Federal or State drinking water standards for cyanotoxins. 
  • The EPA issues Health Advisories (HA) where information is available indicating health impacts of an unregulated contaminant. HAs are non-enforceable and non-regulatory guidelines.
  • In June 2015, the EPA issued 10 day Health Advisory levels of two toxins, Microcystin and Cylindrospermopsin. The HAs have separate values for children under 6, older children and adults. The HA sets values below which no health effects would be expected over a 10 day exposure duration. 
  • μ is the symbol for “mu” or .000001 so μg is a microgram, or one millionth of a gram.
  • Raw water is untreated water being pulled from the river.
  • Finished water is post-treated water coming out of your faucet.



 Drinking Water Guidance Value:   Microcystin Ug/L  Cylindrospermopsin Ug/L
Vulnerable Population 0.3  0.7 
Everyone 1.6 3.0 
May 29 Test Results - Finished Water <0.15 <0.05
June 1 Test Results - Finished Water <0.15 <0.05
June 6 Test Results - Finished Water <0.15 <0.05
June 11 Test Results - Finished Water <0.15 <0.05
June 18 Test Results - Finished Water <0.15 <0.05
June 25 Test Results - Finished Water <0.15 <0.05
July 2 Test Results - Finished Water <0.15 <0.05


"EPA develops HAs to provide information on the chemical and physical properties, occurrence and exposure, health effects, quantification of toxicological effects, other regulatory standards, analytical methods, and treatment technology for drinking water contaminants. HAs describe concentrations of drinking water contaminants at which adverse health effects are not anticipated to occur over specific exposure durations (e.g., one-day, ten-days, several years, and a lifetime). HAs also contain a margin of safety to address database uncertainties. HAs serve as informal technical guidance to assist federal, state and local officials, as well as managers of public or community water systems in protecting public health when emergency spills or contamination situations occur.”

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